Visualising Performing the Drawing

This development from the material I’d created working on “Performing the Drawing” came out of a need to develop an independent piece of work. I wanted to produce a work that responded to the material I’d gathered, without using the original material itself. I therefore examined the properties of the original work and focused on the audio track that had been recorded with the video. This was the sound of the artist moving in the space, with charcoal she used scraping across the paper, as she left her marks. Using Processing software I developed a small application to transform the sound into lines on the screen. The resulting output from the application was circular, like the original charcoal lines, and it builds as the sound continues.

In order to emulate the uniqueness of the original performance I also added randomness to the application. Each of the circles that are drawn are coloured from the palette of the still images from the photographs. A colour is selected at random every time the programme is run. Thus, the circles  produced change their colour each time the programme is executed. There is never the same output from this visualisation.

Since processing doesn’t run as web based application I made a screen capture video of the entire process. I also created single images of the work – the circles building progressively – which followed the form of the original “Performing the Drawing” piece.