Experimental Panorama

This work takes the stilled image as a moving image as a start point. The image you see is a panorama still which has been masked out into component sections: the sky, the furthest background landscape, the mid area and the foreground. Each of these still images are then moved creating a parallax effect. This happens when the background moves at a different speed to the foreground.

The works examination begins with the relationships between space, time and movement. The panorama moves horizontally and appears to show depth and dimension by virtue of the relative movement of the stilled mages. A video panorama would have produced a very different effect. This stilled video is therefore a work located between stilled images and moving images – but is neither one nor the other.

By reversing and flipping the video I referenced an earlier work of mine, Ritornello. Both these works begin from a consideration of the juxtaposition of two identical images, modified slightly and then creating a space which becomes a third image. Once again, I make an examination of the creation of multiple versions of images from one single source. In the video the panorama opens up continuously, created new panoramic forms. The extent of the panorama we experience can only be accomplished with the two images placed beside one another. At only one moment – somewhere in the middle of the playback of each video – the scene maps back to what we might see were we to be standing in the position of the camera which took this image.

The entire clip was created in AfterEffects then re-imported into Premiere to create the final piece.