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Rendering the displaced object

Although indexicality is usually connected to various claims about truth and resemblance, it is a term that often frustrates rather than elucidates our ideas about what photographs do. Referring to indexicality, Victor Burgin has suggested there are only certain circumstances, for example in relation to the photographs of Abu Ghraib... read more →
Apr 01

A new location

“Forward movement in life is achieved through a backward movement in memory.” Victor Burgin, 1996, ‘Brecciated Time,’ in “In/Different Spaces, Berkley: University of California Press. Things have changed. This year (2017) I have been busy. I now spend my time at Birmingham City University where I have a new position.... read more →
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Periphery Vision: data as image

In this paper I begin by suggesting digital photographic images should be considered as being neither a purely visual experience nor a purely perceptual one. Instead, I argue these may be somewhat limiting terms which confine our engagement with images to traditional linguistic interpretations. At a time when digital images... read more →
Jul 24

Birkbeck London Critical Theory Summer School 2016

I’ve just had two intense weeks at Birkbeck’s London Critical Theory Summer School. Teaching was scheduled throughout the two weeks with summary debates on each Friday. During the first week we had: Michael Lowy taking “Marxism and Romanticism,” Jacqueline Rose taking “Limits of theory, limits of thought – psychoanalysis/politics/sexual difference,”... read more →